Learn to take great photos while on tour

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Have you ever considered a trip where the focus is on learning to take better pictures?

Do you ever look at your travel pictures and think something along the lines of, “Hmmm, these don’t do justice to the beauty of that sunset/mountain/beach/kids playing in the street”? (Unlike the superb image by nattu we feature above!)

Who hasn’t felt that frustration at some point?! Sure, most of us probably won’t ever take a snap that graces the cover of National Geographic, but we can still learn how to best use our cameras and develop skills in selecting subjects and framing images.

You might have considered buying one of the thousands of books on the market that claim to turn you from an amateur to a Steve McCurry in no time at all. You may have mulled over taking a photography course near where you live.

But have you ever considered a trip where the focus is on learning to take better pictures? An increasing number of companies are offering photography tours and photo workshops, and we reckon they’re the best way to develop photography skills – there’s nothing like being “in the field” to focus the mind and put theory into practice. Not only that, you’ll almost certainly come away with great pictures of incredible places and new friends who are similarly into travel and photography.

Learn to take great photos while on tour
Photo by ^riza^

Here’s a taster of the courses and trips on offer.

National Geographic Expeditions photo workshop

Scrub what we said before! Maybe you can take a picture that’s good enough to make it into a renowned magazine. National Geographic runs trips for budding photographers to exotic locations all over the world from The Galápagos to Mongolia.

Photo Safari in New York

Significant, magnificent and eminently photogenic, New York has to be the single most photographed place on Earth. The New City Photo Safari is essentially a walking tour of the city – the only difference is that you’re led around by a successful career photographer who’s there to help you sharpen your photography skills.

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