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Why does Condé Nast Traveler name the Hawaiian island the “world’s best island”? We have photographic evidence….

In 17 out of the last 18 years, Condé Nast Traveler readers have voted Maui the world’s best island. That’s a whole lotta’ love for what is essentially, the top of a great big volcano! So, what makes Maui so awesome?

Well, it probably has something to do with the lush rainforest that skirts the road to Hana … the immaculate golden sandy beaches of Kaanapali … the stark Mars-like landscapes of the Haleakala national park … and the smattering of some the world’s most dramatic golf courses.

Oh … and the majestic humpback whales that surface playfully, slap their tails and blow their spouts in the calm waters off its west and south coasts.

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Can’t picture it? Struggle no more – check out our gallery below.

Kaanapali Beach, Maui
Kaanapali Beach
Whale watching, Maui
Whale watching
Haleakala Sunrise, Maui
Haleakala Sunrise
The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course, Maui
The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course

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