New nude beaches you need to bask on this year

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Avoiding tell-tale tan lines just got a little bit easier with the unveiling of some new nude beaches around the world.

Rio de Janeiro got its very first official nude beach last December. Abrico Beach is an hour from the city centre and it’s Rio’s only designated nude zone.

In Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, a 500m sandy stretch between Trafalgar Beach and Mpenjati Nature Reserve will be clothes-free from April. There’s already a bare beach at Sandy Bay in the Western Cape. The reassuringly inaccessible beach is located south of Llandudno in Cape Town.

Seaside. Kwazulu Natal. Photo: jit bag
Seaside. Kwazulu Natal. Photo: jit bag

In Spain, Playa Marina, a short distance west of Fuengirola, has been established as a nudist beach. It’s not the quietest spot in the world as there’s a motorway to the back of the beach, but there’s a drinks kiosk that’s open in tourist season and the bare beach stretches for nearly a kilometre.

Playa Marina, Spain. Photo: Leo Hidalgo
Playa Marina, Spain. Photo: Leo Hidalgo

According to Nick Mayhew, author of The World’s Best Nude Beaches & Resorts, nude bathing is a growing trend, especially in Europe. Attitudes are easing among officials and locals.

“There are nude beaches appearing all the time, although it’s rare that they actually get any formal recognition now in many countries because skinny dipping is increasingly accepted without comment.

“Pretty much any wild beach in Spain can and does see naturist use, for example, and the same is true to a lesser extent in France and many Greek Islands outside the very busiest summer weeks.”

One sure-fire way of gauging the market for nude bathing is by looking at naturist accommodation. Most people are only interested in skinny-dipping and sunbathing but the range of resorts is growing.


The naturist holiday resort of Skinnydippers Mallorca more than doubled in size last year. Book early to reserve your spot.


A large new naturist resort opened a year ago on the edge of Corralejo town, Gran Hotel Natura, while a second naturist complex in the same town, Infiniti Apartments, has gone fully naturist all year round due to popular demand.

Nude Beach in Sunj Beach, Lopud, Croatia. Photo: Wendy Harman
Nude Beach in Sunj Beach, Lopud, Croatia. Photo: Wendy Harman

There is some bare-beach etiquette to remember – baretiquette if you like – if you are planning to visit a nudist beach.

1. Clothing free doesn’t mean you turn up completely naked

Pretty obvious, but the nude beach only starts at the nude beach. And be prepared with drinks, snacks and anything else you need for a day at the seaside.

2. Don’t ogle

You might be an evangelist for nude bathing but keep that to yourself while you’re on the beach. Casting off is a personal choice and respect others’ rights to privacy whether they’re clothed or unclothed.

3. Don’t snap

Never photograph people without asking their permission first. And never, never, never upload pictures to social media networks like Facebook or Instagram.

4. Don’t forget your sunblock

Slap on the sunscreen to prevent painful sunburn in sensitive areas!

5. Don’t forget to take a towel

It’s considerate to place a towel between yourself and the deck chair you’re reclining on. Also, you might want to cover up in a hurry.

6. No hanky panky

Engaging in sexual activity is a no-no. It’s offensive, illegal and could result in the nude beach getting closed down.

(Feature image: Canon in 2D)

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