New York street art [photos]

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Feast your eyes on these colourful, punching-with-life street images

For many, art in New York equates to the world-class museums of MoMa, The Met and the Guggenheim. But, for those willing to venture beyond Manhattan’s famous avenues and into the neighbourhoods where the city’s heart truly beats, a cacophony of colour can be found plastered over many of the urban landscape’s banal surfaces. On the floor, overhead, on doors, walls and stairways, on street signs, on poles. Street art, in all its multifarious forms can be found in every direction – if your eyes are peeled, that is.

Bright portrait of Japanese hip hop musician, Shiro
Signature Shiro characcature…. 5 Pointz
By Dekor
African American in profile…5 Pointz
Portrait of the Notorious B.I.G
Immortalised … The Notorious Big portrait at 5 Pointz
The Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem
All aboard … Along with 5 Pointz
Workman poised to break down wall
Breaking down barriers … Graffiti Hall of Fame, Harlem
Wheatpaste is used to produce intricate images with minimum installation time
Einstein “love is the answer”, Meatpacking District
“Art not ads” gets lit up at night
Slogans popular among street artists … Brooklyn Bridge
Artists often take influence from Japanese graphic novels – as seen with this Pokemon-like character
A Pokemon-esque character… by Jeff Soto, Chelsea
An eye in the centre of a palm - by celebrated street artist Gaia
Heralded works often draw tributes from other artists… Brooklyn
Trademark rodent by renowned street artist Roa
Preparation needed…Williamsburg
Firefighters - a 100 yard memorial to 9/11’s first responders by WK Interact
Moving tribute … Williamsburg

(Images: The first three images are by Jules Antonio; Portrait of the Notorious B.I.G by t_a_i_s; The Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem by M!ERO jeugd; Einstein “love is the answer”, Meatpacking District by Rafael Estrella; “Art not ads” by urban_data; Jeff Soto image by N0 Photoshop; Gaia image by hragv; Roa image by hragv)

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