Tubing’s a cool and easy way to explore some of Jamaica’s picturesque tropical habitats. A handful of tour operators run day trips out of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios for around £40 a pop.

There’s nothing complicated to it. You’re picked up from your hotel and driven in a 4×4 deep in to the Jamaican hills. After a quick introduction – a safety briefing – to your luminous yellow giant inflatable tube, you’re off down the river.

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Along the way your guides – who naturally indulge themselves with plenty of showboating – unashamedly compete for your attention, while dropping the odd snippet about the lush jungle, its wildlife and the nearby coconut plantations and bamboo groves.

You hardly notice though, as you’re too busy either chilling in the gentle flow of slow waters, or getting a kick from riding the occasional rapid.

Because it’s so simple pretty much anyone can do it. So leave the beach behind for a day and check out the other side of Jamaica’s natural beauty.

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