Scotland’s Shetland Ponies Rug Up

What springs to mind when you think of Scotland? Haggis, bagpipes, kilts, Whisky and Robbie Burns? With so many national icons on offer, it’s easy to see why the country’s stunning natural beauty is so often overlooked.

To celebrate the launch of the Year of Natural Scotland, the team at Visit Scotland is shining a light on the country’s best historic landscapes, natural playgrounds and surprising wildlife.

And what better place to highlight Scotland’s beauty than Shetland and its world famous Shetland Ponies, 200,000 puffins, 138 sandy beaches and amazing cultural scene.

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The two ponies- sorry, models – are 17-year-old Fivla (looking wonderful in white) and 18-year-old Vitamin (beautiful in black) who live at the Thordale Shetland Driving Centre. Fivla and Vitamin are wearing specially designed knitwear made from Shetland wool.

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