Semester at sea – no, it’s not a Disney show

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Students enrolled in American universities listen up! You can take your classes on the high seas

So you’ve been at university for a semester or two. You’ve settled in, got to know a few people. You’ve rocked some tests with great scores. You’ve learned a little about your university town…and a little about yourself. Maybe you went to a few parties … made some new friends.

All good.

What about the next academic term, though? Might it be the same thing all over again? Don’t you risk hanging out and studying with the same old people? Carrying out the same old routine in a town that’s already become the same old place?

Not so good.

It’s time you put your high-test-scoring faculties to work and started thinking outside the box. And we have just the thing to get you started – Semester at Sea.

This far-out programme puts together hundreds of adventurous students from colleges across America on a boat – the MV Explorer – for a voyage around the world. The Explorer’s a modern vessel that’s pretty much half cruise ship, half floating campus.

The Spring 2013 trip will visit 12 countries and 15 cities around the world in just 106 days (January 9 – April 25):

• San Diego, CA, United States (Embark)
• Hilo, Hawaii, United States
• Yokohama, Japan
• Kobe, Japan
• Shanghai, China
• Hong Kong, China
• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Singapore, Singapore
• Penang, Malaysia
• Cochin, India
• Port Louis, Mauritius
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Tema (Accra), Ghana
• Casablanca, Morocco
• Barcelona, Spain (Debark)

But don’t be fooled, either – this isn’t just some meaningless jaunt. The idea is to have a global, hands-on educational experience. While sailing between destinations, you’re enrolled in arts classes (accredited and transferable from the University of Virginia) and, of course, you spend some time learning about the destinations you’re visiting.

When in port, you take part in field trips to put what you learn in the classrooms onboard to real-life practice. But college wouldn’t be college without a bit of fun, so there’s plenty of down time to explore each city along the way.

The Semester at Sea also features guest lectures from politicians, academics and activists. Even world figures such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, and Fidel Castro have addressed the programme’s participants before!

Students enrolled full-time in a university degree programme, you’re eligible. But you only have until October 10 to register.

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