Sights to see: The Pinnacles

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Eerie and mystical, this natural phenomenon is described simply as, The Pinnacles.

Wide expanses of the yellow quartz sand dunes in Western Australia’s Nambung National Park are eclipsed by thousands of rock pillars. Eerie and mystical, this natural phenomenon is described simply as, The Pinnacles.

The pillars vary wildly in size and shape, ranging from a few centimetres to as much as four-metres tall. Some visitors liken them to tombstones, termite mounds and even fingers (ahem, and other body parts), while for others they are evocative of Salvador Dali’s surrealist landscapes.

Geologists are unable to agree on the origins of The Pinnacles. But what is certain, this sporadic limestone formation makes a fantastic subject for photographers.

The best time to visit is dawn or dusk, as the play of light results in attractive variances in both rock and sky colours, and extended shadows over the rippled yellow sand dunes.

It takes around three hours to reach The Pinnacles from Perth, so you can see them comfortably in a day. If you travel by hire car, ensure your insurance permits driving on unsealed roads.

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