Skiers urged to hit the gym before they hit the slopes

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Fledgling skiers should ensure they are in tip top condition before they hit the slopes, as a lack of preparation can put novices at risk of serious injury.

Fledgling skiers are being asked to ensure they are in tip top condition before they hit the slopes, after research revealed that a lack of physical preparation could put a third of winter sports novices at risk of serious injury. (Featured image is by Skistar Trysil)

The ABTA research highlighted that 39 per cent of regular winter sports enthusiasts have injured themselves at least once, emphasising the importance of getting into optimum shape before heading off on a winter ski holiday.

Of those who had sustained injuries, 6 out 10 suffered a significant injury such as a leg break or muscle tear. Nearly three quarters of these injuries occurred as the result of a fall, while 20 per cent were the result of a collision with someone else on the slope.

Protective ski gear
Protective ski gear. Image by MWV Chamber of Commerce

The research also revealed that more than a third of research respondents are putting themselves at risk of serious injury by not wearing a helmet.

The risk of injury while taking part in winter sports appears to increase with age, with 70 per cent of those aged 65-74 having suffered some form of injury.

Chemmy Alcott
Chemmy Alcott. Image by London Youth Games Ltd

Chemmy Alcott, the number one British female skier, is supporting the Get Fit for Ski campaign.

“There is no beating around the bush – skiing is a dangerous sport. But there is lots that can be done to prevent injury as much as possible – first and foremost you can get in shape before you hit the slopes,” she said.

“This will result in a double whammy positive – your body will be better prepared to handle the physical excursions of skiing and you will be able to ski longer for harder thus getting more value for money!”

ABTA has teamed up with The Foreign and Commonwealth Office to produce a Winter Sports Checklist, offering guidance and advice for skiers. ABTA has also produced a leaflet on “How to have a safe and healthy holiday in the snow.”

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