St Patrick’s Day – where to go in Dublin

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Just in case you’ve been ignoring the signs and promotions in every bar and pub from here to Timbuktu, St Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us.

Just in case you’ve been ignoring the signs and promotions in every bar and pub from here to Timbuktu, St Patrick’s Day is here. (Featured image by SebastianDooris)

Mercifully falling at a weekend this year, St Paddy’s Day is probably the world’s best excuse to out drinking.

Countries around the world will be celebrating what has got to be the most internationally-recognised Saint’s Day on the planet.

The spirit of St Patrick’s Day is sure to be captured in cities around the world, but there’s no better place to celebrate it than in the Emerald Isle itself.

Celebrations will, of course, be taking place all over Ireland. But for a real party vibe, the capital city of Dublin is the place to be. So where should you be?

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle. Image by Bjorn Christian Torrissen

Dublin Castle

With its city-centre location and 13th Century architecture, Dublin Castle is an integral part of the city’s rich history.

Although the Castle houses government departments and prestigious state rooms, much of it is open to visitors all year round.

The grounds of the site are free to explore, and tickets can be purchased for guided tours of this elegant and historic landmark.

Temple Bar
Temple Bar. Image by

Temple Bar

For many visiting revellers, the first – and sometimes only – place to go in Dublin is Temple Bar, the city’s so-called “cultural quarter”.

With its cobbled streets and lively atmosphere, Temple Bar is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking for a great night out.

The area is jam-packed with bars and pubs, but if you’re looking for a drinking hole this Sunday you might want to get there early – they are likely to be full to the rafters.

Old Jameson Distillery
Old Jameson Distillery. Image by Chad & Steph

Old Jameson Distillery

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin, tours of the Old Jameson Distillery are lesson in the story of Jameson, and indeed the history of Ireland.

Expert tour guides take visitors on a journey through the whiskey-making process, from malting to maturing, before a tasting experience at the Jameson Bar.

The Distillery is open seven days a week, and offers taster sessions and theme nights as well as tours.

St Patrick's Day Parade
St Patrick’s Day Parade. Image by infomatique

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Dublin is a vibrant and lively city at any time of year, but it really comes alive over St Patrick’s Week; which is obviously already in full swing.

The celebrations culminate with a St Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, a spectacular procession that meanders through the city.

Starting at midday in Parnell Square, the parade will see dancers, musicians and floats make their way to St Patrick’s Cathedral in a haze of colour and music.

Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse. Image by ccharmon

Guinness Brewery

No visit to Dublin would be complete without a visit to the place where Ireland’s most famous export was born.

The St James’s Gate Brewery has been producing the black stuff since 1759, and at its heart is the Guinness Storehouse – a £30 million visitor experience telling the story of Guinness.

Visitors to the Storehouse are taken on a journey across seven floors and 250 years of the world’s most recognisable drinks brand.

At the top of this unique museum is the Gravity Bar, where visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of Dublin and, of course, a pint of Guinness – if you can stomach it after the Paddy’s Day celebrations!

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