Warsaw charmed us this summer when it was one of the host cities for Euro 2012. The warmth of its welcome, its passion for football, its good-natured locals and, to be honest, the cheapness of its beer, has put it firmly on the city-break list.

No one could say that Warsaw is as uniformly beautiful as Paris, Vienna or Rome. Its turbulent past has taken its toll on the  cityscape. However, among the old grey walls and red bricks, Warsaw’s street artists are telling the story of modern Poland – very often with a critical eye on the past.

Our colourful featured image, above, is by Rui Pestana.










NeSpoon uses a traditional lace design  as “urban jewellery”, to prettify the cityscape. She describes her approach as “jewellery of the public space”.

Sometimes she works with the lace in more traditional ways, creating “webs” between trees or in ruined buildings. Other times, she turns guerrilla and sticks the ceramics on buildings around Warsaw.







And 4 by Maniac:







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