Survey: Price is crucial when selecting flights

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A recent survey conducted by Travel Weekly has shown that the price of flights is the most important factor to customers when they are choosing which airline to fly with.

Though other factors, such as the option to fly from a local airport, were also found to be important, the main decider was shown to be the overall cost of the flight.

Almost 75 per cent of the 2,015 people polled (and who had taken a flight in the last year) said that they had made the decision of which airline to fly with based on price considerations.

The ability to depart from local airports was the second most important factor, followed by the reputation of the airline and the standard of customer service they provide.

However, only three per cent said that their decision was influenced by whether or not an airline had a carbon offsetting scheme.

“For the vast majority of the British population, the environmental impact of flying is not a major issue at present,” said Tom Costley of TNS, which conducted the research.

“This may well be a reflection of the fact that the majority fly rarely, so believe their flights will have little overall impact.”

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