Sydney Itinerary Bondi Beach

Sydney in 6 stops – what to see, what to do, what to eat

Bondi’s a great leveller. Billionaire, board rider, beach bum, no matter – this eclectic beach’s carefree sun-drenched lifestyle is free to all. And because people from every walk of life come to the beach and the surrounding neighbourhood of the same name, it’s a great place to get a feel for Australia’s biggest city as a whole. Load up on beautiful views (the one above is by Alex E. Proimos), delicious food and the Sydney sun with this full-day itinerary.


Photo taken from the ocean-side footpath between Bondi and Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia

Photo, by Brian Giesen, taken on the ocean-side footpath between Bondi and Bronte Beach, Sydney


Stop 1: Shake those early morning cobwebs with a stroll along the cliff-hugging Bondi-Bronte walk. If the 90 minutes of exercise doesn’t wake you, the sights, sounds and smells of the Tasman Sea along the way sure will. Freshen up at Bondi Beach at the end of the walk.


gertrude and alice bookstore cafe, Hall Street, Bondi Beach, Sydney

gertrude and alice bookstore cafe. Photo by LWY


Stop 2: You’ll no doubt have worked up a bit of an appetite with all that walking and paddling. Breakfast as the locals do at Gertrude & Alice (46 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, +61 2 9130 5155), a second-hand bookshop and café with excellent chai tea, yummy bircher muesli and a beachy, laid back vibe.


Bondi Markets, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Markets. Photo by Brian Giesen


Stop 3: It takes about 10 minutes walk to get to Bondi Markets (located at Bondi Beach Public School on Campbell Parade) just across the road from the beach. The merchandise sold at these seaside stalls isn’t what you’d expect. The market’s less “generic, mass-produced whatevers”, and more “vintage sunglasses, handcrafted jewellery and unique clothing”. This place has a reputation for cool – many famous Australian designer labels started out here.


Freshly made burrito

Freshly made burrito. Photo by jeffreyw


Stop 4: If you fancy a hang out with some of those bronzed and cut surfer dudes and chicks, stroll over to colourfully painted Mexican joint Beach Burrito (252 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, +61 2 9130 7123) where you can chill with an ice-cold beer and a tasty fat burrito.


Campari and orange cocktail

Campari and orange cocktail. Photo courtesy of


Stop 5: Time in that kind of company can really fly, and before you know it it’ll be time for a sundowner. Luckily, you won’t have to go far to find one – just cross the road to North Bondi Italian Food (118-120 Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach, +61 2 9300 4400) is only across the road. Try the freshly squeezed blood orange juice with Campari – this totally hits the spot for us.


Sunset at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sunset at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Satoru Kikuchi


Stop 6: To show-off your sun tan, walk the one kilometre stretch along the beach to Icebergs Dining Room & Bar (1 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach, +61 2 9365 9000), a painfully sexy Italian restaurant. Reserve a table by the window for a view over the crashing waves of south Bondi.


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