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Thanks to heinous roaming fees, it’s unlikely that you’ll be making any calls on your Android smartphone while on your travels. But don’t let your beloved gadget sit idle – set it to work! Ensure your journey’s more efficient, comfortable, engaging and memorable with these ten best travel Android Apps.

1. Organize – TripIt (£2.54)

No personal assistant? No problem. Submit your hotel, flight and car rental bookings to TripIt and it will collate them into a slick itinerary. Create an account and have your travel plans efficiently organized and mapped.

Where screenshot

2. Discover – Where (free)

A fully interactive directory, Where performs a similar function to Google Places. Efficiently discover restaurants, bars, stores and other places of interest. Keep an eye out for deals at local businesses.

FXware Currency Guide screenshot
FXware Currency Guide

3. Convert currency – FXware Currency Guide (£0.93)

Get conversions based on live exchange rates for over 160 currencies. The integrated tip calculator will smooth bill-paying experiences too.

WeatherBug Elite screenshot
WeatherBug Elite

4. Weather forecast – WeatherBug Elite (£1.24)

Obtain live weather data and forecasts for up to seven days in advance. Among other things discover temperatures, wind speeds and humidity for your destination.

Skype screenshot

5. Keep in touch – Skype (free)

Can anyone remember a world without Skype? Enjoy precious face time with your loved ones on other side of the world, all for the price an internet connection.

Expensify screenshot

6. Track Expenses – Expensify (free)

Log your receipts (with pictures) and quickly compile an expense report – an essential app for business travellers.

Google Translate screenshot
Google Translate

7. Translate – Google Translate (free)

Don’t get lost in translation – convert words and phrases between more than 60 languages. Most languages are synced with Google Voice, allowing you to either speak them into the phone, or have them pronounced for you.

Triposo screenshot

8. Be guided – Triposo (free)

A travel guide … on your phone … simple. Download detailed guides for major destinations such as New York, Paris and Copenhagen for offline operation.

Wikitude screenshot

9. Augment your reality – Wikitude (free)

Explore and identify places and objects around you. Browse interactive content for more than 150 million places around the world. Dubbed augmented reality, you’ll soon become addicted to this new way of engaging with your surroundings.

Trip Journal screenshot
Trip Journal

10. Travelogue – Trip Journal (£2.99)

Through a record of your GPS coordinates and photos, Trip Journal tracks your journey providing you with statistics on your distance travelled. Mark and annotate your route and sync with social media to share with friends and family.

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