Texel – journey to the West Frisian Islands

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Texel, the largest of the West Frisian Islands (Wadden Islands) in the North Sea off the coast of The Netherlands. A landscape shaped by the ice age and the sea it has become a place for the young and old to escape to and take the time to view and learn about nature.

photo by rs-foto

There are four distinct types landscapes on offer, the ice age remnants of hilly mounds in the middle, the wetlands, flatlands and dunes/beaches.

The main way to travel is by bicycle so families have been coming here knowing that without the busy road infrastructure they are used to, the young can venture and explore freely.

photo by rs-foto

Wildlife hunters are particularly drawn here. National Parks with a great array of uniqueness take tourists to each corner of the island looking for that special sight. Its nickname is “The Bird Island”.

The area named Eierland to the North literally translates as “Egg Land” so as you can imagine there are thousands of breeding birds.

Further West you have the tidal inlet of De Slufter, created down the centuries by man with dykes, storm, and moving sand dunes. All has helped to produce an area rich in fauna like sea lavender, marsh valleys and a lagoon.

If you want to be adventurous you can take the chance to fly up over the island and skydive back down… Now that is a jump with a view I can imagine. Back to calmness, there is always a pretty village to be found to take your time and forget about the world within a beautiful landscape.

photo by Jurgen Knops
photo by rs-foto

One cannot leave Texel without mentioning the sheep. It is thought that long ago they crossed lots of British sheep breeds to create their Texel sheep that are now a popular meat producing breed themselves throughout the world.

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Main Image: by rs-foto

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