The Color Run – the world’s most colourful race?

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What happens if you inject the spirit of the Indian festival Holi into a 5k fun run? You get the Color Run

What happens if you inject the spirit of the Indian festival Holi into a 5k fun run (check out this video if you don’t know what Holi is all about)? You get the Color Run.

It’s the latest craze sweeping the United States. Even though it’s held in more than 50 cities across America, entry typically sells out in a matter of hours.

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The Color Run

How it works

Runners must (it’s “mandatory”) start the event wearing a white shirt. Every kilometre of the event has a designated colour – yellow, orange, pink or blue. And within each kilometre is a Color Zone. In these stretches of the course, volunteers blitz runners with coloured powder.

The people behind the event say all the colour powders are 100 per cent safe. They’re a mix of corn starch and natural food colouring, so they don’t cause any harm if they get in an eye or get swallowed. Essentially, you can eat this stuff.

Running times count for nothing in the Color Run. The event’s all about having a good time and looking like some sort of modern artwork at the end of the 5km. Naturally, there’s an after-party, which is the only real motivation to complete the course (aside from getting coloured, of course)!

The Color Run

The Color Run

Hints and tips

Although the colour is supposed to wash out, it’s advisable to wear clothes that you don’t care too much about.

If you’re concerned about getting powder in your eyes, goggles or glasses might be a good idea. A bandana or dust mask could be useful for mouth and ears. Of course, you risk losing cool points if you decide to wear one of these.

If you drive to the event, don’t forget to bring a towel to cover the seats in your car.

Check out the official Color Run website to see the next scheduled runs.

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