The Heathrow Olympic memory tree is now online

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Athletes heading home after the Games were invited to write their best moments down and hang them on the Heathrow Memory Tree, and many have now been put online

With the Paralympic Games drawing to a close, the UK’s super summer of sport is reaching its conclusion.

It has been a summer that few of us will ever forget. London put on a spectacular Games, and Team GB and Paralympics GB delivered the performances of a lifetime.

The Olympic Games saw our biggest medal haul for generations, and Paralympics GB have already surpassed their medal target.

With the Paralympics finishing on Sunday, we’re sure to be left with an Olympic-sized hangover when autumn comes around.

The memories are sure to last a lifetime; not only for the spectators but for all the athletes involved in this most inclusive of sporting events.

Heathrow Games Terminal

Every athlete at the Olympics and Paralympics has a story to tell and memories to share, as demonstrated by the Olympic Memory Tree at the Games Terminal at Heathrow Airport.

Athletes heading home from the airport after the Games were invited to write their best moments down and hang them on the Memory Tree, and hundreds jumped at the chance.

Now some of those memories have been digitised and put online, giving us a chance to see what the Games were like from the point of view of the athletes. You can see the athletes’ memories here.

Mo was a popular choice

Some big names from the Games contributed to the tree, including Irish boxer and gold medallist Katie Taylor, 400m Hurdles champion Félix Sánchez and American runner Manteo Mitchell.

The athletes’ memories included everything from fellow competitors’ achievements to the volunteers and crowds who made the Games truly memorable.

Of course, the opening and closing ceremonies were a significant memory for many of the athletes, as they got to experience the spectacular shows before their eyes.

The Spice Girls were a closing ceremony highlight

Walking out to a crowd of thousands with their teammates is an experience that few are likely to forget in a hurry, and if that wasn’t enough the Spice Girls made an appearance too!

All eyes are now turning to Brazil and Rio (Baton passes to Rio de Janeiro, host city of the 2016 Olympic Games), to see if they can top London 2012. Judging by the experiences and memories of athletes and spectators alike, it’s not going to be easy.

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