The incredible beauty of rain

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The rainy days wherever you are in the world can be days where you experience something, somewhere new.

The brochures like to show us sand, blue water and glorious blue skies. From Britain to Australia, from the US to Africa there is one thing far removed from those images that must appears at some point on our journeys… rain.

The world needs it, sometimes it is a little too much for some people’s liking. But a lot of the fondest memories are actually from rainy days. The improvised day out that became the best day of the holiday. The atmospheric views on a walk. The adventure in the puddles for the kids. The new nature that comes out with the water.

With the right clothing and positive look the rainy days wherever you are in the world can be days where you experience something, somewhere new.

photo by Cindy Vriend

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” – Dolly Parton

photo by giovzaid85
photo by Euromagic
photo by tanakawho

Nature, of course, loves its sunshine but comes into its own after a dampening from a shower. Glistening leaves, flowers coming to life trying to take each drop.

Little insects scurrying around up top and spider webs catching the light with droplets. This is where the fine little details out there get greatly enhanced. The views may be covered by greyness but the macro of nature gets colourful and puts on a picturesque dance.

photo by Lennart Tange
photo by audreyjm529
photo by Burning Image

Cities come to a life of their own too. Look behind the suited commuters walking like ants under their umbrellas. Great reflections of buildings young and old appear at the feet. Birds in gardens looking ragged but cute, and still singing in their ever searching of food.

The air of a hot sticky city centre gets refreshed and cleaned. Enjoy the rainy day, enjoy doing something different… and then appreciate the sun some more once it reappears 馃榾

photo by Daniel Waters
photo by Arenamontanus
photo by loop_oh
photo by audreyjm529

Main image by Clicksy

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