March’s must-go-to events around the world

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Mardi Gras Parade

Sydney (5 March)

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Now in its 38th year, Sydney Mardi Gras has grown to become one of the largest LGBTQI (work it out!) festivals in the world. The proud event – which takes places between 19 February and 6 March – is comprised of several different sessions, including Fair Day in Victoria Park, a film festival, and the academic seminar Queer Thinking. These shows then culminate at the undisputed highlight – the spectacular pride parade. Over 10,000 extravagantly-dressed entrants, and hundreds of elaborately designed floats, representative of diverse political messages and community groups, gyrate and radiate through the city centre, enrapturing an estimated crowd of 300,000 people. Make sure you’re one of the 20,000 who carry on the buzz at the exclusive after hours after party.

Sydney Mardi Gras Parade


Mumbai (23 March)

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Holi, affectionately known as the Festival of Colours, sees Hindus celebrate the onset of spring. Perhaps no other annual event on the planet has the levelling power of Holi. Everyday strictures based on class, sex, age and caste are loosened, allowing for a palpable release of joyous energy in streets throughout India, Pakistan and Nepal. This is exemplified by one of humanity’s most conspicuously bright traditions, where people of all backgrounds join to throw coloured powders and water at one another. Head to Juhu beach to observe or take part. Be warned though. Here, the old adage of fortune favouring the brave doesn’t necessarily apply. Notably, some of the local men can be, at best, too boisterous. If you’re venturing out of your hotel, either as a participant or observer, you’ll want to wear clothes that you’re happy never to wear again.

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Cape Town (12 March)

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Long Street is the beating heart of Cape Town’s nightlife 365 days a year. Its already high rhythm is raised to a pulsating beat, as the spectacular carnival procession circulates through this major transport artery. Approximately 2,000 dancers, many accompanying outrageously coloured floats, will bring both the city and you an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

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Festa di San Giuseppe

Rome (19 March)

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Be honest with yourself, you long ago abandoned your ill-conceived low carbs diet. And we can all agree that the only thing better than eating Italian food is feasting on it. So why not indulge your wants and desires. Join multi-generation families in Rome’s Trionfale neighbourhood, and wolf-down assorted pastries, breads and pastas – all in celebration of San Giuseppe (St Joseph).

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Japan especially in Osaka and Kyoto (last week of March/early April)

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The practise of Hanami dates back several centuries. Translated literally as flower-viewing, it’s the annual celebration and enjoyment of Japan’s breathtaking cherry blossoms. The national tradition sees families and friends gather together in great numbers around the blossoms. Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto all have plethora of spots where you can enjoy Hanami. The pick of them is Chidorigafuchi in Tokyo, where you can hire a rowing boat and while away an afternoon enveloped by the cherry blossom-lined river.

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