The stunningly varied views of South Africa

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Discover some culture and urban life in the townships or take a journey across the vast terrain on the plateau.

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South Africa has it all. A gorgeous and dramatic coastline, great mountain ranges, wildlife, vineyards and plenty more besides. Luxury, farmsteads, adventures, safaris and, of course, surfing are just a few of the options to take on this dream destination of many a person.

Discover some culture and urban life in the townships or take a journey across the vast terrain on the plateau. Many people have lived their dreams and seen the magic of South Africa, let’s take a look at some of what they saw.

3349215145_eec1641bb1_b_south africa
View from Chapmans Peak of Hout Bay harbour by Ben Crouch
4047134342_cb6d33b387_b_south africa
Flametree by Mara 1
8279118938_d58c510d0d_b_south africa
South Africa sunset by flowcomm

Of course a hotspot for many is Cape Town. Beyond the trendy city come stunning views and a beach available for all occasions. Beaches perfect for surfing are well known but there are also warmer bays for soaking the sun whilst heading to the Atlantic facing shores you can capture the sunset you have dreamed about.

The coast in Cape Town doesn’t escape the beaches either. For instance Boulders Beach has delightful inhabitants, a colony of penguins.

7929247562_a3f83d0a43_b_south africa
Penguins on the beach by Frontierofficial
Cape Town city centre.
Cape Town Night by Derek Keats
8278108059_7c3348d28a_b_south africa
Cape Town surfer by flowcomm
6273507548_e9b0640db7_b_south africa
Cape Town night by butforthesky

Wildlife? You want wildlife? Well, South Africa, from savanna, to grassland, to mountains and plateau, it most certainly is a dream for those wanting to experience raw nature.

For a start it is one of the few places in the world you can whale watch from the shores and see all the dramatic detail. National Parks known the world over like Kruger National Park are the natural homes to animals as diverse as rhinos, buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions, need I say more.

Trees as old as 6,000 years can be found in the parks as well as birds of a rich and diverse variety. High up in the mountains you could travel to see some of the very rarest animals, birds and alpine flowers.

2064432342_79e91d9543_o_south africa
South Africa rhinos by Arne Boll
6944086770_8b79c15f6f_b_south africa
photo by frontierofficial
6401072035_03d3c75298_b_south africa
Squacco Heron by Derek Keats
6882611553_48992d1140_b_south africa
Giant Kingfisher by Derek Keats

As well as the coast to the South the country is situated next to countries like Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique. This to me, and what I already know of these places, gives an idea of the scale of landscapes to be discovered and explored within and by the ocean.

6636830411_eba2933c1e_b_south africa
Cape of good hope by Crystian Cruz
4111630967_5ce886505c_b_south africa
South Africa Landscape by Bart Hiddink
6001953349_0ae162882d_b_south africa
Cape Point by Martie Swart

6273069592_7a143d2ca1_b_south africa

Cape Town by butforthesky

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