The top 5 hostels in the world right now

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A prominent global network of hostel associations has declared the world’s best is found on the Shetland Islands, Scotland.

A prominent global network of hostel associations has declared the world’s best is found on the Shetland Islands, Scotland.

Hostelling International (HI) has just announced its five best hostels for 2011/2012.

The top five were decided based on customer ratings left on the company’s website over a 12-month period, from November 1st 2011 to October 31st 2012. A minimum of five customer ratings on average per month was required to qualify.

Each has been the best in its category. The five categories were: best overall, friendliest, most comfortable, greenest and best hostel country. Hostels can only win one award category each year.

Shetland Islands
Photo by mrpattersonsir

Best Hostel 2012: Lerwick Hostel, Scotland

Lerwick (photographed by genevieveromier) received the highest overall rating in all categories. Located off the northern edge of Scotland, on the Shetland Isles, Lerwick Hostel is a beautiful grand mansion house with fabulous views. HI customers in particular praised its friendly and efficient staff and proximity to local amenities.

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Castelli Romani
Castelli Romani. Photo by AleBonvini

Friendliest Hostel 2012: WIKI Hostel, Italy and Florence Tavarnelle, Italy

HI announced two joint winners from Italy in the friendliest category – WIKI Hostel just outside Rome and Florence Tavarnelle.

Kyoto. Photo by Shadowgate

Most Comfortable Hostel 2012: Utano Youth Hostel, Kyoto, Japan

Located in central Japan, this super-modern hostel features its very own Japanese bath. HI customers also rated highly the spacious feel of the hostel, comfortable furnishing and the peaceful atmosphere of its quiet neighborhood. This hostel is also conveniently close to Tokyo’s sites of interest, such as temples and museums.

HI-Boston. Photo courtesy of HI-Boston

Green Hostel 2012: HI, Boston, USA

HI introduced its “green” award this year to recognise properties that place an emphasis on eco-tourism standards. HI Boston’s participation in the Sustainable Travel International’s STEP programme saw it scoop the award.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Photo by faceymcface1

Best Hostel Country 2012: Bosnia & Herzegovina

The network of hostels in Bosnia & Herzegovina pulled in the best ratings overall for a single destination.

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