Top places to visit in Greece

One in three Brits have confessed that they would be less likely to visit Greece because of the economic crisis which the country is currently experiencing.

According to a survey by Explore Research, 32 per cent of people would feel less comfortable visiting Greece as a result of the financial crisis. However, 36 per cent of people said that recent events would make “no difference” to their intentions.

Whatever your feelings are regarding the current problems in Greece, there is little doubt that the country still has some amazing spots to visit.


Bursting with a rich culture and history, Athens is an essential destination for anyone visiting Greece. Athens is home to world-renowned attractions such as the Acropolis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Signifying ancient Greece at its finest, the Acropolis is a site not to be missed.


Greek Islands

The picture-perfect Greek Islands make an ideal holiday destination for any sun-seeker. The Greek Islands comprise more than 6,000 islands, only 227 of which are inhabited. Featuring sun-kissed beaches and clear blue waters, Rhodes, Crete and Corfu are particularly popular with tourists.

Mount Olympus

Northern Greece

Northern Greece offers some amazing sites including Thessaloniki, which is home to the tomb of Alexander the Great’s father. The sacred Mountain of the Olympians, Mount Olympus, can be reached easily from Thessaloniki.

(Images: Thermos, L. Richard Martin, Jr., Alina Zienowicz)


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