Travellers, tweet the #TravelGenie for a chance to win!

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The magical #TravelGenie is roaming the Twitter-verse looking for travellers on the go.

Have you met the #TravelGenie?

The magical #TravelGenie is now roaming the Twitter-verse looking for travellers on the go. The genie might find you at the airport getting ready to board your flight, packing up before a big trip, or even on your way home feeling rested, rejuvenated and full of new travel experiences.

Tweet the #TravelGenie about your travels! The genie wants to know…where you’re going, what you loved most about a trip, or what you’d recommend to other travellers. Tell the genie *anything* about your travels! It will be retweeting the best travel tidbits it hears and sharing them with all the Cheapflights followers out there.

To celebrate the humble beginnings of the #TravelGenie, we have one Samsung Galaxy Tab up for grabs. Here’s what you have to do for a chance to win:

Step 1: Follow us on Twitter

Step 2: Retweet

Step 3: Tweet the #TravelGenie

There’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit. You can use symbols in your Tweet (so you can beat the 140-character count), so start sharing now. Photos are also welcome.

AND you don’t have to wait for the #TravelGenie to find you — feel free to tweet this Twitter creature any time! Or, better yet, become the magical #TravelGenie yourself and dish out destination tips to fellow travellers. Are you an expert on London? New York? Hong Kong? Or any destination around the world? Search for your destination on Twitter, then pop up as the #TravelGenie to give your best tips to travellers talking about your favourite locale.

Here comes the #TravelGenie!

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