Pay or don’t fly, the airports that sting you with a final bill

We’re used to – if not exactly crazy about – the Air Passenger Duty, which is included in the price of our air ticket. But some airports charge a small fee on top of that just to depart the airport and if you don’t pay, you won’t board your plane.

It’s a practice that some regional airports have adopted, using the cash to upgrade their facilities. Here’s a rundown of which airports charge so that you can compare departure points.

Taking a flight from Blackpool International will incur a £10 charge. Passengers aged 16 and over pay; there is no fee for children (15 and younger). There are pay machines behind the check-in area.

Durham Tees Valley Airport levies a Passenger Facility Fee of £6 per traveller, £2 for children aged 3 and 15 years. There’s no charge for infant flyers. Tickets can be bought from pay stations in the check-in area.

If you’re taking flights from Norwich International, keep a £10 note handy for its Airport Development Fee. Children aged up to 15 years do not have to pay. There are machines beside the Airport Ticket Desk or you can purchase tickets online.

Departing from Newquay Cornwall Airport, the gateway to Cornwall and South Devon? Its controversial Airport Development Fee (Ryanair departed the airport because of it) is £5 per passenger aged 16 years and older. Payment machines are in the terminal building.

Republic of Ireland airports:

Ireland West Airport Knock A Development Fee of €10 is charged to all departing passengers from Ireland West Airport Knock aged 12 years and over. The fee can be paid at various points throughout the airport or at the Development Fee desk before Security. Change for Sterling notes can be provided here too.

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