Unimaginative Brits holidaying in the same places

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Research has found that a spirit of adventure is woefully lacking from the itineraries of the nation’s holidaymakers

Wanderlust has been curbed among UK travellers, who would prefer to stick to what they know rather than take a chance on a new destination

That is the finding of research by Rough Guides, which indicates that the spirit of adventure is woefully lacking from the itineraries of the nation’s holidaymakers.

The research revealed that 75 per cent have returned to their favourite holiday spots more than once, while nearly 10 per cent have pledged loyalty to their destination of choice by visiting it more than ten times.

The lack of desire to break out of their traditional holiday boxes even extends to what Britons do once they arrive at their destination. Far from taking the opportunity to navigate unchartered territory during their stay, more than 40 per cent of those surveyed struggle to stray more than 15 miles from their accommodation the whole time they’re away.

Brits gave a number of reasons for this lack of originality on holiday, with 70 per cent arguing that they had loved their holiday spot and 40 per cent stating that they enjoyed the familiarity of their chosen destination.

But the unimaginative among us are keenly aware that their unadventurous natures could be compromising their holiday experience.

A third admitted that they should become more intrepid travellers by broadening the range of holiday destinations they choose from. More than half admitted that the more exploration they undertook the more memorable their holiday became.

The study also unearthed the fact that a third of British travellers are aware that it takes extensive research to find the best holiday spots.

Around 40 per cent of travellers agreed that an all-inclusive break was a lazy option for planning holidays, with nearly a third arguing that this option doesn’t give you a true picture of a country. A quarter also argued that all-inclusive packages deny them the chance to explore a country independently.

So rather than that same yearly trip to the familiar hotel in the Costa del Sol, why not buck the trend this year and try somewhere completely new?

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