Destination weddings are no longer just a dream. However, arranging a destination wedding in the bellissima region of Tuscany can be tricky. When googling for “destination wedding Tuscany” you may yourself overwhelmed by hundreds of offers by vendors and locations, which is the right time for remembering this tips:

The date

While Tuscany is small geographically, it has many different micro-climates and environments that vary with the seasons, so keep in mind the weather of the different areas when deciding. Tuscany is typically preferred in high or shoulder seasons, however, it can be also very attractive during the late autumn and winter season, which is rarely colder than 10°C, especially by the coast. Although the location choices are limited as some hotels close, villas, castles and resorts will allow wider availability and very convenient rates. When deciding your wedding date, consider:

  • If you choose high season, start planning at least one year in advance. Wedding venues around Tuscany, from hills to the seaside, are not just sought after by foreign couples, but also by Italians, which makes competition even stronger over the few available weekend dates. Moreover, civil and religious officers usually do not commit to more than two weddings per day.
  • If you wish to guarantee accommodation for you and your guests, book an allotment at one or more hotels and pay in advance; this usual custom avoids unwanted surprises. Otherwise set a “best rate” reservation deadline for your guests, around five months prior to the date.
  • Check the flight schedules for your origin and, according to arrival and departures days, set your date. It might be worth choosing a week day, which allows for more availability, lower rates and vendors totally committed to your event

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The venue

Location scouting should be the first task. Chianti and Siena areas are among the most fashionable destinations, but there are many others less known, scattered around the region from the coast up to the Apennines, yielding undisputable charm such as Versilia, Maremma, Garfagnana, and Mugello. Choose the one that most resembles your lifestyle. While inspecting pros and cons, and bear in mind some very important issues:

  • An easily accessible location at relatively short distance, maximum one-hour drive, from the nearest airport. Preferable, unless you can arrange for a shuttle bus transfer to the location, which entails having all guests arriving on the same flight. Maps, directions and distances can be misleading and driving can be a challenge in countryside, secondary or off-the-beaten tracks.
  • Accommodation at the venue for all guests, or booked in nearby towns and villages. This will allow guests to share as much of the wedding experience with bride and groom, without spending too much time travelling on your big day.
  • Plan at least one/two inspection trips: one should be during the same season you want your wedding to be, so that you can see the venue as it would be that day; the second shall be around three months before the wedding where meeting the vendors and finalising the planning and schedule of the wedding day. In high season, when vendors are often engaged in events during the weekends, it is wise to select a week day to hold all their attention;
  • Arrange arrival-day activities for guests, such a welcome lunch/dinner, a wine tour or tastings, so that you will have more time for final wedding arrangements, while they have a chance to become familiar with the location and other guests.

The planner

The wedding planner acts as your eyes on site, knows the people and the territory, and resolves inconveniences quickly. Many locations or caterers include a wedding planner as a complimentary service, however, if the planner is not under your supplier’s payroll, he/she will be less influenced by their company and therefore unbiased. The assistance of an event coordinator can be crucial for ascertaining:

  •  Local marriage requirements. National laws aside, each civil office will follow their own procedures and schedules. Some will allow a meeting with the couple a day before the event, others one week. Tuscany is made of a multitude of tiny municipalities, often with individuals without a knowledge of perfect English;
  • Selection of vendors. The planner can recommend the most trustworthy and reliable suppliers, meet with potential vendors on your behalf and brief you on different options. As Tuscany is very popular for destination weddings, several vendors offer their services for all budgets. This does not mean they are not valuable, but they must be well-acquainted in the area and display an experienced portfolio.

If you are planning your destination wedding in Tuscany, you have plenty of choices for the date and venues, but make sure you follow the above tips to make the overall planning smooth and pass off without a hitch. Hurrah for the bride and groom!


Wishversilia is a wedding planner in Tuscany, settled in Versilia and therefore particularly expert in the area and its most trustful vendors. We provide full co-ordinating service for the event and for the guests’ accommodation and logistics.

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