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A new feature on the website allows travellers to identify the best and worst seats on planes operated by airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet.

Visitors to the site can search by airline or aircraft type to find the best seat on a specific plane. Details such as laptop ports, bathrooms, galleys and other factors that may affect a seat’s comfort are provided.

The seating diagrams are colour-coded so that passengers can easily see which seats are above or below average comfort, and which have partial or no recline. Seats are given a comfort rating out of five stars and browsers will also find customer reviews of specific seats.

As an example, Row 29, Seat C onboard a British Airways 777 aircraft is described in this way: “Good legroom and you can stretch your legs into the aisle. Not far away from the rear galley of the aircraft where you find a little rest area during the flight.”

According to’s research, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines feature among the most frequently researched airlines over the past six months.

The website’s most frequently researched airplane seat maps include the British Airways Boeing 747-700, the Virgin Atlantic 747 and American Airlines’ MD-80.

The site also provides information about in-flight entertainment, food and other services, as well as direct links to airline websites.

“ is designed to ensure air travellers get the most out of each and every airplane ticket they book,” the company says. “Cheap flights should not mean airline seat comfort and enjoyment are not priorities.”

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