As we know, the world evolves around the morning coffee, but with the abundance of cafes around which one to choose? We’ve selected 9 of our favourite weird and wonderful places to have coffee around the world. Which one will you try next?


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1. Hammock cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Fancy a cuppa whilst gently rocking in a hammock? Mahika mano is your place.

2. Jane Motorcycles in New York, USA

The marriage of coffee and motorcycles. Pure bliss.

3. Gajumaru Treehouse Diner in Okinawa, Japan

Don’t worry, it’s not a real tree and once inside the diner you get a great view of the Naha Harbour.

4. The Attendant in London, UK

A coffee shop based in an old Victorian toilet. You’d never guess, would you?

5. Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Ever dreamt of drinking coffee in a giant camera? No, us neither but now we feel like giving it a go!

6. Food for Thought coffee shop at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, Wales

To boost your creativity have a coffee in these inspiring surroundings.

7. Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, South Korea

Not for the faint-hearted: she is EVERYWHERE…

8. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, UK

Spend your coffee break accompanied by the 11 resident rescued cats. They all have Twitter accounts so you can always keep in touch!

9. Wash & Coffee in Munich, Germany

So you can have your coffee whilst doing your laundry. How very efficient.




Main image of SKYE Coffee Co. by Marta Safin

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Marta SafinMarta loves coffee, travels and motorbikes. Coincidentally, the three go very well together so she writes about them on her blog, My Daily Grind.

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