Welsh beach named 3rd best in Europe

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Rhossili Bay, in Swansea, beat competition from around Europe to be crowned the third best beach in Europe – and one of the best in the world.

With temperatures dropping back down to somewhere close to freezing recently, our minds are drifting to thoughts of a hot beach holiday this summer. (Featured image by Nigel’s Europe)

But the key question, as ever, is where exactly should you go? Do you want to head for the white sandy beaches of Ibiza? Are you keener on the family-friendly beaches of southern France? Is the tranquil setting of the Greek islands worth a visit?

However, according to new research you can forget about all of these options – a beach in Wales has been voted the third best in Europe.

Rhossili Bay, in Swansea, beat competition from around Europe to claim the number three spot – and claim a spot in the world’s top 10.

“These awards recognise the best beaches in the UK and beyond, according to those that really matter – travellers that have visited these beaches and given them the highest levels of praise,” said Emma Shaw, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.

Second place: Playa de las Catedrales
Second place: Playa de las Catedrales. Image by AndyRobertsPhotos

“Huge congratulations to Swansea’s Rhossili Bay for beating many of the most exotic beaches across the globe.”

The three-mile Rhossili Bay is the largest stretch of white sand on the Gower Peninsula, and is very popular with surfers and paragliders. The Bay’s looming cliffs also make it a popular destination for walkers and ramblers.

Councillor David Phillips, Leader of the City and County of Swansea, said that Rhossili Bay is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

“We are delighted, but not surprised, that Rhossili Bay has been acknowledged by the world’s leading consumer travel website. We hope that many more visitors continue to enjoy its outstanding natural beauty,” he said.

Lampedusa. Image by passer8

The Welsh beach was beaten only by Playa de las Catedrales in Spain, which took second place, and Rabbit Beach in Sicily, which took the top spot.

It was a double-whammy for Rabbit Beach, as the beautiful beach was also crowned the best beach in the world by trip Advisor.

Located on the island of Lampedusa, Rabbit Beach can only be accessed by boat and as a nature reserve has kept its natural beauty unspoilt for years.





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