Mumbai is hands down the street food capital of the world, so plating up the spiciest, most dribble-inducing dishes you have ever seen couldn’t be easier. With tempting smells coming from every direction, you’ll have to trust your gut and try these true Indian delights. Mmmboy is it good!

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Bombay Sandwich

Making Subway look like amateurs, the Mumbai masterminds have created a sandwich like no other. Two slices of bread stacked with potatoes, onion rings, tomatoes, cucumbers and chutney, plus whatever else they can find.

Cut into quarters to make it bite-size, these monstrous creations would impress Dr. Frankenstein himself! Locals rate the sandwiches on the amount of butter they contain, with Gupta Sandwiches and Snacks on Vashi-Turbhe Road being one of the most generous.



A whole Pacific Ocean away from the mundane sticks of meat you’re probably used to, Mumbai’s varieties from the Bohri community feature kidney (Gurda) and liver (Kaleji) options, topped with sliced onions for an aromatic mouthful.

The resounding leader on the kebab front is Bademiya, situated on Tulloch Road, they make meat-on-a-stick better than anyone.


Pav Bhaji

An easy meal on the go, Pav Bhaji is a Mumbai’s favourite. A blend of vegetables and spices mashed together with an accompanying butter coated bread roll (Pav) and optional cheese topping.

For a meal rated high on the cholesterol and taste scale, try Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tardeo.



Chaat is one of the more unhealthy options in Mumbai’s heart-stopping repertoire of street foods.

There are many street-invented variants, but the traditional recipe is a base of fried dough with potato pieces, fried bread, chickpeas, spices and a yoghurt garnish. Venture down Link Road to Zaffran and treat yourself to a mouthful of the best Chaat Mumbai has to offer.


Chaat © Connie Ma/Flickr 


Jalebi is what a pretzel would be in Mumbai, but made with batter and covered in sugar.

These strikingly orange treats are made by deep-frying batter made from wheat flour, followed by a coating in sugar syrup.

Served hot or cold, Jalebi is the ideal follow up to a Mumbai spice binge and can be found in abundance at Jalebi Wala in Kandivali East.


Jalebi – Tastiest street food in Mumbai
Jalebi © Rishabh Mathur/Flickr 

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