Which airline has the most attractive cabin crew?

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Jetcost has carried out a survey to find out which carrier the British public thinks has the best-looking cabin crew.

The great British public have been voting in their thousands for that most-coveted of travel industry awards – the most attractive airline staff.

The last time we checked, it didn’t matter what the cabin crew on a flight looked like, but try telling that to Jetcost, which has carried out a survey to find out which carrier the British public thinks has the best-looking cabin crew.

The winner, with 21 per cent of the vote, was Virgin Atlantic. Presumably it was those glamorous red suits that won passengers over, as Virgin Atlantic beat off competition from the likes of British Airways and easyJet to take the top spot.

Virgin Atlantic was closely followed by Thomas Cook Airlines, which took 19 per cent of the vote. Budget airline easyJet and British Airways took third and fourth respectively.

easyJet cabin crew
easyJet … is at the top end of the table for attractive staff

“We wanted to take the chance to delve deeper and find out how important fliers think attractiveness really is when it comes to airline staff,” said Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co-Founder of Jetcost.

“Airline attendants have long been stereotyped for being somewhat ‘glamorous’; and whil it of course should never be considered as a factor in any profession outside of modelling, it was really interesting to find out that so many fliers consider it important.”

It seems we are a nation of very shallow travellers, as more than half of us answered “yes” when asked if attractive airline staff were important.

Of the 57 per cent who answered “yes”, almost two thirds said that attractive airline staff gave a better impression of the airline. And almost a quarter said that attractive staff simply made for a more pleasant flying experience.

“Of course, attractiveness has nothing to do with being a good airline attendant, but the majority of fliers felt that attractiveness was an important factor in giving off a good impression of the airline,” added Mr Cohen-Scali.

“While we could never condone this kind of attitude, we send hearty congratulations to Virgin Atlantic for being voted the best looking cabin staff in town.”

British Airways cabin crew
British Airways … takes fourth place in Jetcost’s survey

(Images: Virgin Atlantic, easyJet; British Airways)

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