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With Christmas coming up quick, it can be easy to get all wrapped up in the daily festive grind – cookie baking, candle lighting, gift buying and all the holiday cheer. And, sure, it can be fun to partake in these twinkle lighted traditions, but we think the holidays are more about time spent with our favourite people than roasting the perfect turkey…

Look to the sky. There are 8,500 planes in flight, 700,000 people on their way to somewhere – wouldn’t you want to be one of them?

Each one is en route to somewhere, finishing a journey or just setting off on a new adventure. So, sure, twinkle lights are pretty and all, but why not view them from 35,000 feet — a night sky full of twinkle lights sure beats any holiday display we can think of.

And, being the travel experts we are, we’re here to help. Just consider us your holiday travel spirit animal. Tell us who you’d travel miles to see and we will make it happen for one lucky traveller.

Is it your best friend who moved abroad for a dream job? Sure, you’re excited for her, but following her on social media is hardly the same as taking faces-smushed-together selfies after pints at the pub. Or is it your brother, who’s hoarding a brood of the cutest nieces and nephews just out of reach. (FYI: a 4-year old wielding an iPhone for a FaceTime sesh causes more motion sickness than turbulence.) Perhaps, it’s the one who got away — and then moved away. (Her Facebook relationship status is back to “single”, and there’s no time like the present, we always say.)

If nothing else, the holiday season is the perfect time to tell all those important people just how much they mean to us. But, better yet, why not show them? Share the love (and this video) with all your favourites and picture yourself taking off on your next adventure — on us.

Tell us who you would travel miles to see. Give us all the feels, and you could be on your way.

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