Why fly Business Class?

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Long a business trip mainstay, but gaining popularity among leisure travellers, Business Class flights fill the niche between the luxury of First Class and the basic service offered in Economy. This is reflected in the price of fares in this class – more affordable than First but pricier than Economy Class – which has led many travellers to regard Business as an expensive option. Passengers are best advised to take a variety of factors into consideration, however, when choosing a cabin class:

  • The longer the flight, the more important comfort tends to be. Extra legroom may make all the difference for taller passengers and reclining flat-bed seats may prove invaluable during overnight flights: the difference between a restful night and a sleepless one.
  • All aspects of the flight – from food offered to entertainment – and time spent pre/post-flight (which can include luxury lounge entry and chauffeur service) are likely to be superior in Business Class to Economy. On special trips such as anniversaries where travellers may wish to pamper themselves, flying Business Class may complete the experience.
  • Although many would not expect it to be the case, Business-Class fares can often be found at discounted rates. Airlines frequently advertise sales offering cheap Business Class fares, often alongside Economy Class promotions.
  • As with all other classes of fare, savings can be made depending upon how far in advance a booking is made, the date on which you’re flying, whether there will be any stop-offs or connecting flights, and various other factors. Booking at least 21 days in advance and ensuring that your stay includes at least one Saturday night are two ways to minimise costs with carriers such as British Airways.
  • Some airlines such as BA have been known to court leisure travellers with discounted Business Class fares at times when business travel demand has been in decline. Take advantage of these offers when they appear – the savings are likely to be substantial.
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