Zodiac travel – best holiday destinations by star sign

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We’ve consulted the charts, looked skywards, spun the globe and come up with short-break destinations for you – by star sign

Let the heavens be your guide to travel. We’ve consulted the charts, looked skywards, spun the globe and come up with the perfect destinations for you, by star sign.

Three short-haul destinations, great for a long weekend, and two more, longer-haul, for dreaming about just now and turning into reality a little later on.

Like our featured image, above? It’s the plaque on Bracken House in London by Remko van Dokkum.

Aries. Photo by mozzercork


You’re the leader of the zodiac, the first sign. Adventurous and energetic, courageous and enthusiastic, you like to blaze a trail on holiday and pack in as much as you can.

As a fire sign, you’ll go where the sun shines brightest. And hottest. Temperatures in the 20s are a waste, Aries need 30 plus.

Destinations for Aries travellers – Athens, Cyprus, Madrid, Lebanon, Morocco

Taurus looms over the United club at San Francisco International. Photo: cogdogblog


Taureans love their comforts. An earth sign, they don’t like to stray too far into the unknown. Routine and familiarity is prized highly by Taurean travellers. You got a beach? They’ll laze there. All day long.

Taureans are also drawn to the natural world. Getting back to basics, where true values hold sway, is important.

Destinations for Taurus travellers – Lisbon, Tallinn, Rome, Sydney, Hawaii

Gemini. The twin towers, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: Dave_B_


Gemini sets the pace on holiday and it’s a fast one. Energetic, adventurous and brimming over with childlike curiosity, they need constant stimulation, lots to see and do, and other travellers. Gemini travellers need more than just a beautiful beach.

Ideally they’d have a beach, with a small village close by, preferably with mountains, ruins and museums and a metropolis for urban adventures.

Destinations for Gemini travellers – Tuscany, Provence, Valencia, Egypt and South America

Cancer. Photo by matsuyuki


Another home-loving sign. Not surprising when you consider that its symbol is a crab. Wherever they go, their house – and its inhabitants – come too.

Holidays with loved ones in destinations that deliver on comfort and the good things in life are high on their list.

Destinations for Cancer travellers – Budapest, Bodrum, any of the Greek islands, Amman, St Petersburg and New Zealand

Leo, yarn-bombed by Bournemouth and Poole Stitch n Bitch for the Pride in Bournemouth public art event. Photo by arripay


Leos know their place. It’s in the sun. The destination they choose to holiday in should be just as stunning as they are. But not more so. Leos love to be admired and you’ll find the skimpiest of beach wear in their suitcases, all the better to show off their toned physiques and all-round gorgeousness.

Destinations for Leo travellers – South of France, Capri, Monaco, Miami and Seychelles

Virgo in Salamanca, Spain. Photo by Shiraz Chakera


Virgoans are the list-makers of the Zodiac. They’re methodical, analytical and precise in their approach to travel, the ones with the must-see lists and the inside track on the must-do activities. They’ll like to schedule a bit of time on the beach, and a bit of time seeing the sights and a bit of time to get away from the crowds.

Destinations for Virgo travellers – Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, New York, Sri Lanka

Libra at the Wishing Bridge in Old Jaffa, Israel. Photo by view from 5’2″


Librans are pack animals, happiest in a group. These diplomatic and peaceful types make wonderful travellers. They like their comforts too, going for a hotel, not a hostel.

And just like their symbol, the scales, they’ll need balance – a bit of activity, a bit of basking.

Destinations for Libra travellers – Split, Sofia and Athens, San Francisco and anywhere in the Caribbean

Scorpio in New York, USA. Photo by Joelk75


Dynamic, passionate and independent, Scorpios make great solo travellers. They’re drawn to exotic destinations, diverse landscapes and plenty of colour. There should also be lots going on so that Scorpio travellers can expend all that energy they have.

They like structured holidays, but not so much that every moment is accounted for. A holiday that combines some type of personal growth (a yoga course, for example) in a beautiful setting is heaven.

Destinations for Scorpio travellers – Barcelona, Crete, Sardinia, Argentina and Maldives

Sagittarius in Stockholm. Photo by Fif’


The adventurer of the Zodiac, Sagittarians are, like the centaur, keen to roam. At speed. They get a charge out of experiencing new cultures and seeing as much as they can.

As they like to travel so much, they may not get back to a destination so live to wring every last drop out of it.

Sagittarians also like to learn, so if they can combine learning with travel, so much the better. And sun isn’t strictly necessary.

Destinations for Sagittarius travellers – Paris, Reykjavik, Florence, Vietnam, Philippines

Capricorn at the Museum of Natural History. Photo by b.frahm


Capricorns make great travelling companions. They are highly organised, resourceful and can be trusted with a complicated itinerary.

Lovers of structure, they enjoy having a schedule, but holidays for them are about calming down and stepping away from the rat race so that they can recharge their batteries.

Destinations for Capricorn travellers – Interlaken, Bilbao, Perpignan, South Africa (Tropic of Capricorn region, natch) and Queensland, Australia (Capricorn Coast, again, natch).

The Age of Aquarius Hotel and Casino. Photo by RecoilRick


Those born under this star sign make great backpackers. They are independent and adaptable, able to rough it on a far-flung friend’s sofa or in a hostel. Aquarians make friends wherever they go.

They love the bustle and energy of the city, the bigger the better, and the more extraordinary the better too. Aquarians don’t get back to the same place twice and they know they have all the time in the world for the run-of-the-mill cities. Their energies go into getting off the beaten track.

Destinations for Aquarius travellers – Leipzig, Trondheim, Antwerp, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius

Pisces on Brihat Samrat Yantra, Jaipur, India. Photo by dizznan


Why climb the Eiffel Tower when you could have a coffee and read the paper in a charming cafe? That’s the Pisces traveller’s response.

Soaking up the atmosphere is enough for them. Just like the fish that symbolises their sign, Pisceans love the water, give them a beach and they’ll be happy for days, just kicking through the sand and gazing at the waves.

Destinations for Pisces travellers – the Algarve (any part of this beautiful stretch of coast will do), Costa de la Luz in Spain, West of Ireland, British Columbian coast in Canada, Mexico

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