Zombie Chase games around the UK

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Get inside, lock your doors and keep your vinyl collection within reach, as zombie outbreaks are being reported in towns and cities across Britain … ahem … in the … er … future.

Actually, scrub that! If you want some zombie action you’ll need to do the very opposite and get out in the big bad world…


Clearly inspired by the highly regarded Danny Boyle zombie apocalypse flick 28 Days Later, 2.8 Hours Later is a “Zombie Chase Game”.

Games are staged throughout autumn/early winter in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham and are live from a Wednesday to a Saturday (though run by the same organisation, the games aren’t connected).

Players have to sign-up ahead of time on the website and pay a registration fee of around £28. Once registered they’re given a map and told to head to a first location when the game begins.

The game’s essentially a giant game of “it”, except it’s played in a major city as opposed to a school playground.

The idea is to rendezvous with survivors on the way to a “Survivors’ Camp”, just as the lead character does in the film.

Survivor one is at the first location. S/he then instructs the player where to head to find the next. And so on until the final camp is reached.

Players’ journeys are fraught with danger. They have to avoid being contaminated by a Zombie and its gore (which isn’t, organisers warn, machine washable).

Zombie game participant - Zombie Nation UK
Looks like a crazed doctor. Photo courtesy of 2.8 Hours Later
Zombie Nation hen party
Very scary hens. Photo courtesy of 2.8 Hours Later
Horror! Near The Teddybears Workshop and Claire's
Horror! Near The Teddybears Workshop and Claire’s. Photo courtesy of 2.8 Hours Later

Access to the final camp is only given to those who clear infection scanning.

2.8 Hours Later from Slingshot on Vimeo.


Play 2.8 Hours Later and you might never encounter a zombie. Beach of the Dead is for those determined to join the ranks of the, well, living dead. It’s a night of the living dead if you will … well, afternoon actually. Late in October each year several hundred lost souls embrace the macabre spirit and adopt the famous zombie stagger to walk the streets of Brighton.

As you’d expect in free country, there’s no fee for temporarily suspending your membership of the living. All you have to do is turn up to the meeting point on time both dressed like you’ve lost your health, and be well versed in “The Zombie Code“.

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