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Canada virtually owns the rights to the words "great outdoors". It is second only to Russia in terms of land size and its climate, which varies from temperate in the south to subarctic and arctic in the far north, means that most of the population (about 30 million) live in the south along the border with the US. This leaves vast tracts of land that are under-populated and unspoilt.

In the east, Toronto, Ottawa (in Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec) give way to lakes and rivers, national parks and the rugged Atlantic coast. In the west, a journey through British Columbia could take several weeks such is the diversity on offer - from swimming at the beaches of Vancouver to skiing at Whistler, taking the ferry to Victoria (B.C.'s capital) and outlying islands and exploring the interior. Hop over to the next province - Alberta - for a trip to the majestic Rockies.

Cheap flights to Canada land in the biggest cities - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary. The cities are clean, green, and extremely livable. Canadians know how to make life easier; the cities are safe, getting around on public transport is a pleasure, and Canada's tolerant multiculturalism ensures bustling and exciting city centres.

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