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From the conspicuous New York skyline to the colonial gems of Cuba and all the way down to the lush rainforests of Panama, travellers taking flights to North America will be welcomed to a land of glorious contrasts. And the biggest countries, America and Canada, are blessed with multicultural societies and variegated landscapes making them undeniably the most diverse in the continent.

South of the US is Mexico, a country that effortlessly blends ancient and modern with its Mayan ruins and thriving modern cities. Further down, the countries in the central part of the continent: Costa Rica and Panama are equally as fascinating. Costa Rica has become a prime eco-tourism destination while Panama has some of the best birding and hiking in the region.

The Caribbean islands within North America – Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago – are a traveller's paradise. Unspoilt beaches, coral reefs and world-class resorts define these laid-back towns and the most popular of all the islands, the Bahamas, draws more than three million travellers to its islands each year.

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