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When is the best time to visit Cyprus?

In Greek myth, Cyprus was the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and this could not be more apt – the island is truly a beautiful place. In Southern Cyprus, you have three major choices of where to stay: Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos.

The former two have been completely reinvented in recent years: Limassol was the main industrial town for Cyprus, but – since the influx of foreigners in the ‘90s – has now become a multicultural hub, well-known for offering all that visitors could hope for from the high life. It has a lovely old quarter, home to many tavernas and a nice produce market, as well as a medieval castle waiting to be explored.

Larnaca, on the other hand, is not quite as bustling or as vibrant, but it’s slowly getting that way. Currently, however, it houses a yacht marina, meaning you’ll get to see how the other half live. There’s also a beautiful salt lake and plenty of palm trees – the ideal idyll!

Lastly, you have Paphos. Down in the southwest part of Cyprus, it’s the most popular retreat for Britons, with a large population of expats. It’s a wonderfully relaxed (and relaxing) place, and thanks to the cool sea breeze, it tends to stay a couple degrees below the other two areas.

The choice is yours as to which part of Cyprus you choose to visit, but we’d say that the best time of year to visit would be between March (peak wildflower season) and mid-June. Cyprus is more or less Middle Eastern territory, so the middle of summer is likely too hot and dry for most people to enjoy. Expect temperatures to reach upwards of 35 C!

It’s a much cooler place in late spring (20-25 C), but you’ll still benefit from gorgeous weather and lots of sunshine – more than enough to get a nice tan! Be aware, however, that a number of the resort hotels are closed at the start of the year, up until the beginning of April, so you may want to check well in advance if you’re hoping to enjoy the blooms. For the best temperatures, the end of April/beginning of May is probably your best bet.

When is the cheapest time of year to fly to Cyprus?

Larnaca is the most popular airport in Cyprus, with more than 5,000,000 passengers touching down there each year. As you might expect, the absolute cheapest time of year to fly there is in the dead of winter – all the way through from November to March. If you are looking for a cheap Christmas getaway, you’re all set, but you may be hard pressed to find accommodation. If you want beautiful weather and glorious sunshine without breaking the bank, May and June are both reasonably priced, with flights costing a little less than they would in April and significantly less than they would in August.

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Are there any direct flights from the UK to Cyprus?

You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to flying into Larnaca International! Of course, you could even take an indirect route, but Cyprus really isn’t that far away, so we’d recommend flying direct – it’s quicker, and it’s definitely reasonably priced! The more popular routes include the following starting points:

  • London Gatwick
  • London Heathrow
  • London Luton
  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow International
  • Glasgow Prestwick
  • Liverpool John Lennon
  • Manchester
  • Nottingham
  • Southend

Which airlines fly to Cyprus?

As you might expect for such a popular destination, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to choosing which airline with which to fly in to Cyprus. This means that you’re in luck: whether you want to fly economy with a no-frills airline or lord it up in First Class, it’s possible. Here are the airlines which fly direct from the UK to Larnaca:

  • British Airways
  • Cyprus Airways
  • easyJet
  • Jet2
  • Monarch
  • Norwegian
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Thomson Airways

If you would rather fly indirect (it’s your holiday, after all), you have even more choice; everything from Royal Jordanian to Virgin Atlantic is available to you. For all the options, take a look at our fantastic Flight Finder.

Are there any low cost airlines that fly to Cyprus?

Flying into Larnaca, you only really have one choice when it comes to low cost airlines: easyJet. If you’re flying into Paphos, there’s also the option of flying with Ryanair. If neither of those takes your fancy, you might want to try you luck with either BA or Thomson: both of these offer incredibly reasonably-priced flights if you book well in advance. Whatever you prefer to do, you should take a look at our Flight Finder before booking, as it will help you find the best fares around.

What’s the best airline to fly to Cyprus from the UK?

That’s a tricky question to answer, as different people will of course prefer different experiences from their holiday flights. If you are looking for a nice, comfortable middle ground (not too expensive, but with some of the luxuries you’d expect from a more costly airline), then you may be best served by Thomson Airways or the old faithful, British Airways. But you may prefer to have a little extra money for spends, in which case easyJet might be the better option. It’s all up to you.

How long is the flight from the UK to Cyprus?

At just over 2,000 miles, the flight from London is a fairly long one. It’s not long haul by any means, however – though flight length varies depending on cities, generally you can expect the leg to take a little over 4 hours.

How much is a flight from the UK to Cyprus?

Flight costs to anywhere vary wildly throughout the year, and may be at risk of going up considerably if you don’t book in advance. If you go in the winter and book ahead of departure, you can get lucky with a return for less than £70, but summer jaunts can hit around £300 if you’re not careful. Two bits of advice: 1.) book well ahead of time, and 2.) use our Flight Finder to find the best rates.

How far is the airport from the city centre?

Larnaca city lies only 3 miles from Larnaca International Airport, so it’s not far at all! The airport is also about 40 miles from Limassol (a 45-minute drive) or 80 miles from Paphos.

What’s the best way to reach the city centres from the airport?

If you’re heading into Larnaca city, it couldn’t be easier. Because it’s just a few miles away, we’d recommend hiring a car and driving yourself there, but if you don’t fancy doing that, there’s a regular shuttle bus that costs just 5€ (£4) and doesn’t take long at all. You can also get a bus down to Limassol – at only 7€ (£6) a head, it’s a steal. Taxis are of course also available, with private taxi journeys to the beach front usually taking between ten and fifteen minutes.

Where can I get even more information on travel to Cyprus?

When it comes to booking your travel, we recommend trying our Flight Finder to quickly compare the best deals available to you year round – it’ll save you time and money.



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