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Why go to Hong Kong?

One of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, Hong Kong is a place where the past meets the future in a fascinating and extraordinary way. From Victoria’s Peak, visitors can gain stunning panoramic views of the cityscape and explore the natural areas around the peak. Lantau Island, meanwhile, is home to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Ngong Ping 360 Buddhist themed park, complete with a breath-taking cable car ride and enormous seated Buddha. But there are also beautiful nature walks, traditional fishing villages, tranquil beaches and quiet monasteries to be found on the island.

The New Territories also offer the chance to get out into some stunning scenery. The Sai Kung Peninsula offers rugged mountain and coastal landscapes, while the Hong Kong Wetland Park has some great boardwalks and an excellent visitor centre.

Good museums include the Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. There are also some great beaches, such as Repulse Bay and Hung Shing Yeh Beach on Lamma Island, and many vibrant markets, such as Stanley Market and Kowloon City Market. Mong Kok is a bustling area with many eateries and is very popular in the evening.

How far is Hong Kong international airport from city centre and which airlines fly from UK?

Hong Kong International Airport is on the island of Chek Lap Kok, including reclaimed land, and about 20 miles from the city centre. British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic fly from London Heathrow.

What’s the best way to reach city centre from the airport?

The Airport Express train is one of the best ways to travel from the airport into the city centre, with trains every ten minutes taking 24 minutes. Discounts are often available if tickets are booked in advance. Buses offer a scenic and reasonably priced alternative – visitors should look out for the “A” buses designed for tourists and the slower “E” buses. There are also taxis available, though these can be expensive.

What are the visa requirements for British nationals?

Hong Kong has a separate immigration system to mainland China. British Nationals do not need a visa for tourist stays of up to 180 days. Various other nationalities, including EU and non-EU citizens, can also enter without a visa, though the length of permitted duration varies.

How to get around the city?

There are several options for getting around Hong Kong. The Octopus card is a contactless electronic pass accepted on most forms of public travel and also in convenience stores and supermarkets. Mass Transit Railway is fast and efficient, while the trams are a more traditional and charming way to travel. Buses cover a large area but can be more difficult for foreigners to use. A trip across the harbour on the iconic Star Ferry is a must.

What’s the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Hong Kong can be visited at any time of year. From May to September, it can be quite hot and humid, with average high temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. It can also rain heavily during this period. Spring and autumn are good times to visit, with average high temperatures around 24 to 28 degrees, while average highs in winter can drop to 18 degrees.

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