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Kite Festival at Jubilee Park takes place in November. The festival was created to promote and display Delhi’s culture and heritage and is open to professional kite flying experts from across India and nationwide to partake. The atmosphere at the Golden Jubilee Park will be electric with high spirits encourage by a series of outstanding colour that is created in the sky. The event is family-friendly offering activities such as kite making competitions for children.

Take a flight to Delhi in January and see crowds gather to honour the soldiers protecting their nation. To celebrate, recognise and thank the soldiers, the day is filled with huge military parades, processions and aerobatics. If travelling to Delhi during army day, you will be welcome to join in the festivities at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate. Expect to experience big crowds accompanied by a day of respect and culture.

Why visit

Book a flight to Delhi, in the north of India, and see an exciting and dynamic metropolis, with a fascinating history and vibrant cultural scene. Top sights include the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Complex, all of which date from periods of Muslim rule. The Qutub Complex is a UNESCO Heritage Site with interesting structures that date from the 13th century. The 16th century Humayun’s Tomb is also UNESCO recognised and built in a similar style to the Taj Mahal, and likewise, the impressive 17th century Red Fort dates from the Mughal period. The historical structures and well maintained and relaxing gardens of the three sites make them a pleasant excursion.

Delhi’s history, like most of India’s, is a fascinating and mysterious one. Featured in the famous Sanskrit epic Mahabharata as the fabled city of Indraprastha Delhi had seen the rise and fall of empires before the British declared it India’s capital. And the remnants of its past provide a wonderful backdrop – one that juxtaposes old and new to create a city so visually unbelievable and booking a cheap flight to Delhi is only the beginning of the adventure.

A typical day in Delhi would begin early before the streets are so crowded that even if you’re getting around by foot you’ll encounter traffic. The city is packed with more than a thousand historic monuments and hidden street bazaars that will have you meandering through its back roads for hours.

Interesting museums in Delhi include the National Museum, with its unparalleled historical collections, and the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, which houses some superb modern exhibits. For insights into the lives of past heroes and leaders, the Gandhi Smriti and the Nehru Memorial Museum are both well worth a visit. Other good museums include the National Railway Museum and Tibet House.

There are many religious buildings in Delhi, covering various faiths from Islam and Hinduism to Christianity and Sikhism. The Baha’i Lotus Temple, built in the shape of a lotus flower, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful buildings and is open to all faiths. Other temples include the Hindu Chattarpur Mandir and Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Christian Sacred Heart Cathedral and Islamic Jama Masjid.

Delhi climate

The best time to book cheap flights to Delhi is for October to March, when temperatures and humidity are both reasonable. Average temperatures in October, November, February and March are around 18°C to 22°C, and slightly lower in December and January. From April the temperature rises, with averages around 32°C from May to August and highs up to 40°C or more. For those who likes the hot temperature, this is the best time to book a flight to Delhi.

Getting around Delhi

Traffic in Delhi can be congested and difficult to navigate, and the various tourist sights are spread out over quite a large area. Taxi and rickshaw prices should always be agreed in advance. The Delhi Metro system offers a cleaner and more efficient way to travel, and there are also women-only carriages.

Getting downtown from the airport.

Once your flight to Delhi lands, take the Delhi Airport Metro Express (DAME) which is one of the quickest and most convenient ways of reaching the city centre from the airport, taking about 20 minutes. Some hotels may also offer airport pickup, or visitors can book a prepaid taxi on arrival from official booths – touts should be ignored. Public buses run services into the city and take about an hour.

Delhi insider information

  • Humayun’s Tomb, built in the mid-16th century by a Mughal emperor’s wife, is the first important example of Mughal architecture in India and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Humayun’s Tomb is believed to have inspired the Taj Mahal in Agra.
  • The Crafts Museum contains a collection of traditional Indian crafts in textiles, metal, wood, and ceramics. The museum is part of a village-life complex where you can visit rural India and see skilled artisans at work.
  • Entertainment is easy to come by in Delhi. There are frequent performances by well-known dancers and musicians and lots of Indian and Western films. To find out what’s going on, check with your hotel and any of the daily or weekly newspapers.
  • The Delhi Golf Club is a 220-acre golf course on the 15th-century estate of the Lodi dynasty. The estate has more than 200 types of trees and is a bird sanctuary. Where else can you golf with monuments and mausoleums next to the greens and watch peacocks performing the rain dance? Temporary memberships are available.
  • Indians love to eat out and Delhi has a wonderful range of restaurants and cuisines, with something for every budget from snacks at roadside stalls to celebrated restaurants.
  • Indian people dressconservatively. Women are expected to cover their legs and shoulders. Trousers are acceptable, but shorts and short skirts are not. Men should always wear a shirt in public and wear shorts only at the beach. These rules are mandatory in temples and mosques. When entering a Sufi shrine or Sikh gurudwara, cover your head with a cap or cloth, women are required to cover their limbs, and men are expected to also cover their legs. Religious institutions usually have caps available, often for free, and sometimes cloth wraps are available for covering your arms and legs. You may also be required to remove your shoes when entering a religious institution or private home. It is illegal to give money to a beggar at a traffic light. If you do decide to give alms, do it somewhere other than at a traffic light.

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