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No other country in the world has the ability to make you laugh, sing and weep all in one day. The land of wonderful contrasts, travellers booking cheap tickets to India will discover a kaleidoscope of slums and beggars living alongside lavish medieval palaces and sacred rivers. The honking horns, tinny cow bells and screaming babies can sound like chaos to travellers coming off their flights to India. But rather than allow it to distress you, accept it as a warm welcome from a country that makes no apologies for its gregarious character.

Most travellers will take an India flight to Mumbai, capital of the state of Maharashtra, which provides a good introduction to the country. The energy of Bollywood combined with its lively nightlife will give you all the stamina needed to venture on to its other cities. Explore the churches and antiques warehouses of Cochin in the south then drive to Kerala's backwaters and spend a few nights on a houseboat. From there take an India flight to Delhi and travel around the northern part of the country. Visit the spectacular sights of the “Golden Triangle”: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. If you have some energy left, fly into the sacred city of Varanasi and walk along the ghats (steps) to its holy temples and terraces.

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