Go ape for a fun run – the Gorilla Run

fun /fən/ Noun Enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure Adjective Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable

Here’s a thought – are “fun runs” actually fun?

Is running a relatively short and untimed 5km (just over 3 miles) in the company of others really that amusing, entertaining or enjoyable?

One thing’s for sure, it’s not that special. Turn up at pretty much any major city park and an informal run in the company of others is right there for the taking – albeit without a number pinned to your top.

But there’s life in the old fun run format yet. A number of novel takes have sprung up in recent years – undoubtedly creating a happier balance between the running and the funning. We’re talking the likes of the Color Run and the subject of this post, the Gorilla Run.

With the aim of raising money and awareness, The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund has established a Gorilla Run in  the US cities of Austin, Cincinnati, Edmonton and Denver.

The idea is simple. Sign up. Roll up. Run, walk, bike, rollerblade, even skateboard, your way around a street-based urban course in a gorilla suit. Party the day/night away. After-parties vary between locations but they typically involve food, drink (a free Silverback Pale Ale included), and live music from a band.

Adult registration is around $100 (about £64) (it differs slightly between cities) for first timers. A full-on, fully-body, furry gorilla suit is included in the price – for keeps. Return runners who still have their suit can register for around $50 (approxmately £32).

There’s no obligation to raise any money, but with these events aiming to assist Gorilla conservation in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Central African Republic, pledges are greatly welcomed.

There’s a Great Gorilla Run in London too. The 7km route through the City of London takes in sights such as Tower Bridge and the Tate Modern. It will take place on Saturday, September  21 2013.

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