Hotel installs milk-and-cookies hotline

It isn’t always easy getting a good night’s sleep when you’re not staying in your own bed. Recognising this, one central London hotel called in sleep experts to critique its setup and facilities.

On advice from the Sleep Council the Park Plaza County Hall has introduced an in-room sleep menu, Horlicks Light in rooms and a milk-and-cookies hotline (the yummy featured image is by Carsten Schertzer).

The hotel’s displaying its 10 top tips for getting a good night’s sleep on its flat screen TVs. Anyone struggling to make them work can channel their inner-kid and order milk and cookies to their room.

We suspect however, that the £4-charge could be counter effective, keeping guests wide-awake with outrage.

The hotel is located close to the River Thames just a few minutes’ walk from both Waterloo station and the London Eye.

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