14 things everyone does immediately after stepping foot into their hotel room

So you’ve finally got checked in and found your room. The thought of opening that hotel door has been ever so appealing after a long day. There is that feeling of comfort the minute you step into your hotel room, knowing everything is made and ready for you. The weight of the day is lifted from your shoulders as you activate your key card and see the green light, allowing you to enter. However, what happens after this?

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1. You dump your bag just anywhere…

It’s the annoying thing that’s been on your back and you just want to get rid of it. You don’t care what’s inside because as soon as you dump it you’ll start feeling like you’re free again.

2. Then followed by the world’s biggest sigh…

The sigh is the action that initiates the holiday or starts the relaxation. You’ve been waiting all day to do it, and finally it’s here. Big, loud and proud. AAAAAHHHHH…

3. Raid the minibar…

It’s been a long day and you can’t be bothered heading down to the bar. You’ve earned your laziness and you just want a nice chilled drink. You don’t really care if it costs double. Plus it has snacks and who doesn’t like snacks?

4. What’s the Wi-Fi password?!

Being disconnected from the world from all that travelling you’re petrified of how many emails, notifications and messages you have to go through. Better get it out the way. You immediately search for the Wi-Fi password so you can get back online and tell the world where you are.

5. Check your messages…

You’ll read your messages with more purpose and care; you’ll be able to concentrate a reply.

6. And scroll for about 10 minutes…

To help with the relaxing and settling in, a good old scroll on Facebook will make sure you haven’t missed out on anything good.

7. Check the view…

Going to the window to see what is out there, and get bearings for where you are. Open the blinds then the curtains and take a peak. Why not?

8. But you’re so tired you just pass out…

Yeah well this one is quite a popular one. The bed is made, the sheets are clean and it becomes so inviting you slam yourself on the bed and end up falling asleep straight away. Nap time.

9. Shoes off…

They may smell or they may ache but taking your shoes off will be one of the first things you do. It’s a sign of privacy and being comfortable.

10. Time for a shower!

Well, it’s there in your hotel room, so why not? Fresh towels and clean shower, what else could you ask for? And to be honest you probably stink from all that travelling.

11. Run to the toilet…

Busting for the toilet, maybe a number 1 or 2? Want some privacy? Well, the door to your hotel room may be the first thing you open but the second thing will be the bathroom door.

12. Change clothes ASAP!

Changing clothes is one we cannot miss out. When you’re sweating or in need of a freshening up, then changing clothes is one that’ll fix this.

13. Switch the TV on and chill…

Like seriously, forget Netflix and chill! Good old fashioned TV and chill is the first thing most of us do when getting in to a hotel room.

14. Check for bed bugs…

Just in case, checking the sheets for any signs of bed bugs may seem a little odd but you have to be sure! Bed bugs would be the last thing you’d need when sleeping at night.

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