The biggest fruit in Australasia

For some people, getting their “5-a-day” can sometimes feel like they’re needlessly eating a lot of disgustingly healthy things.

If you prefer your fruit without any vitamins or nutritional value and large enough so that you can cut down to a “1-a-year” diet, then these monstrosities might just be the artificial substitutes you need.

The Big Pineapple, Nambour, Queensland

The Big Pineapple, Nambour, Queensland. Photo by smurfie_77

Nambour, Australia

This Queensland icon attracts half a million tourists a year, so you had better get down there quick if you want someone to save you a slice.

Big Mango, Bowen, Queensland

Big Mango, Bowen, Queensland. Photo by tm-tm

Bootooloo, Australia

Also in Queensland, but looking much juicier and more likely to topple than the pineapple.

Giant Avocado

Byron Bay, Australia

This New South Wales avocado is obviously the most important one on Earth due to all the research. (Katie Hannan took this picture of the Giant Avocado.)

cromwell FRUIT

Cromwell, New Zealand

Look, four in one go! A pear, an apple, a peach, and a… not sure but it’s orange.

That’ll save you having to go to Australia for the other ones – hurray! (Thanks to definitelyjess for the fantastic photo.)

(The picture of the Giant Peach is by Mark Gaw)