Extreme(ly) affordable: 9 ways to get the biggest adrenaline rush for your buck

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As you might have gathered from our recent stunt video (if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re going to want to), we’re big fans of adventure here at Cheapflights. And when better to indulge in a bit of daredevil behaviour than on your travels? After all, the world is full of mountains to be tackled, oceans to be navigated, and jungles to be explored. Your quest for adventure doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket, either. If you’re lacking the funds to scale Everest or kayak Antarctica, check out these nine alternative heart-pumping activities, all for under £100.

Of course, in our humble opinion, the biggest adrenaline rush of all is finding that cheap flight. Head on over to Cheapflights.co.uk to search for these top adrenaline-inducing destinations.

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Short haul

Indoor ice climbing, Scotland

Get a taste of ice climbing for a fraction of the price at Ice Factor in Kinlochleven, located in the Scottish Highlands. This place boasts the world’s biggest ice climbing wall. It measures up at 12 metres tall and is made up of 500 tonnes of real snow and ice. There are a range of routes, all carved by hand to give an authentic ice climbing experience. Taster sessions for beginners cost just £30, and you’ll have an instructor on hand to show you the ropes.

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Lava caving, Iceland

Visitors to Iceland can descend a whopping 120 meters into the dormant Thrihnukagigur Volcano on the one-of-a-kind Inside The Volcano tour – the only catch is it’ll cost you £300 to do so. If your budget won’t stretch that far, a good alternative is the Leidarendi Cave Tour. For about £40, you can explore the 900-metre-long lava tube, clambering your way around stalactites and squeezing through narrow chambers with nothing but a headlight guiding the way.

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Ice swimming, Finland

Taking a dip in sub-zero waters might sound a bit bonkers to you and me, but ice swimming is a popular pastime in Finland. Follow the lead of the locals, and start off with a sauna session before braving the ice hole (literally a hole that’s been carved out of a frozen lake). The extreme temperature change increases blood circulation and releases endorphins, leaving you feeling as good as new. There are official ice swimming spots all over the country, and entrance usually only costs a few euros.

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Mid haul

Kitesurfing, Morocco

Feel the wind in your hair as you glide over the water on a kiteboard. Morocco’s Atlantic coastline offers the perfect conditions for the fast-paced sport. First timers can book on to an introductory session in places like Essaouira, where you can learn the basics for around £60. You’ll be shown the moves on dry-ground, before taking to the ocean to try to navigate the waves while staying upright.

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White-water rafting, Turkey

Turkey is home to some fantastic white-water rafting spots. Beginners on a budget should head to the rugged Koprulu Canyon, not far from Antalya. Here, you can speed through an 8-mile stretch of river rapids in a rubber dinghy, admiring the lush surroundings of the Turkish mountains out of the corner of your eye as you go. Afterwards, cool off with a swim or pick a sunny spot on the riverbank and soak up some rays. Loads of tour companies in Antalya and Side offer white-water rafting tours, and prices tend to be around the £30 mark.

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Dune bashing, UAE

The United Arab Emirates aren’t exactly known as a budget destination, so it comes as a nice surprise that desert excursions are actually a bit of a bargain here. You can book on to a dune bashing tour in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for less than £50. You’ll head out into the desert in a four-wheel drive, before the driver puts the pedal to the metal and zooms up and down the huge sand dunes while you hang on to your seat for dear life.

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Long haul

Volcano boarding, Nicaragua

Most travellers to the town of Leon in Nicaragua come here for one reason – it’s the only place in the world where you can board down a live volcano. Cerro Negro is one of Central America’s youngest and most active volcanos, and racing down its black slopes at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Popular local tour operator Quetzal Trekkers runs half-day volcano boarding excursions for just $30, and all profits are donated to charity.

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Bungee jumping, South Africa

The world’s highest bridge bungee, Bloukrans Bungy near Port Elizabeth in South Africa is also a bit of a steal. Single jumps cost the equivalent of just £60 (by comparison, the Nevis bungee jump in New Zealand costs almost three times that). As you teeter on the edge of the 200-metre-high platform and prepare to jump, you’ll get great bird’s-eye views of the surrounding Bloukrans River Valley – if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open, that is.

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Canyoning, Vietnam

Combining multiple outdoor activities into one action-packed adventure, canyoning certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. One minute you’ll be rappelling down a waterfall, the next sliding down river rapids or cliff jumping into a lake. The spectacular region of Dalat in Vietnam is a great place to try out the sport for the first time. Full day tours run by local operators like Viet Challenge cost about £50, and include lunch and transportation.

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