6 funny GIFs that sum up travelling with kids

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The long overdue family summer holiday has finally arrived, but before you rejoice here a few GIFs to prepare you for the joy of travelling with kids.

It starts from the moment you tell the kids they’re going on holiday:

Source: Tumblr

They are impossible to control, leaving you only one solution for the plane journey (remember that with kids you will NEVER GET UPGRADED). This is clearly a joke, parents! Don’t ever try this one:

Source: www.gifbay.com via funnyjunk.com/cheastnut

You spend the entire time exhausted, but are never allowed to sleep:

Source: Reddit

You can’t take them to the bars because you fear this will give them a “taste” for alcohol:

Source: railrat.com

You can’t take them to the beach because they are a serious liability to themselves (and everyone else for that matter):

Source: gifini.com

But it’s only a few short years and then things will go back to the way they were:

Source: Reddit/ajacksified

Words by Lance van Dijk

Header image © Pixland/Thinkstock

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