20 tweets that brilliantly sum up travelling with Pokemon Go

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1. When you’re packing for your vacation and a Doduo jumps in your suitcase

2. When your Uber driver is more interested in catching Pokemon than getting you to the airport

3. You arrive and wonder why the airport security queues are always so long…

4. The flight is delayed due to a Squirtle on the runway

5. And a Geodude kicking up a fuss about having the middle seat

6. Flight delays have never been so fun

7. Then you have to turn your phone to airplane mode – NOOO!

8. So you decide to pay an extortionate amount for airplane wifi

9. You get a bus to the hotel and spot a wild Abra

10. You realise that the TripAdvisor hotel rating was 2 stars, not 4

11. So you decide to head to the beach

12. Then Pikachu rocks up  – YES! gotta catch ’em all

13. You take a dip in the hotel pool

14. Then head back for a siesta

15. That awkward moment when your Tinder date turns up

16. You can’t sleep because you know they’re outside waiting to be caught

17. You decide to do a spot of sightseeing and catch some rare Pokemon while you’re at it

18. Back at the airport and you almost miss your flight home

19. At the baggage reclaim. Oh look, a Squirtle!

20. Meanwhile, across the rest of the world…

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