We have searched around the world and scoured cities like New York and Macau to find you 12 Christmas trees which really stand out from the crowd.




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New York (USA) – Rockefeller Center

The world’s most famous Christmas tree. (Our featured image is by Nada Photography.)





Gubbio (Italy) – Mount Ingino

The world’s largest Christmas tree is situated on the slopes of Mount Ingino – 2,130ft tall, it’s comprised of 3,000 multi-coloured lights connected by more than 5 miles of cable.




Paris (France) – Galeries Lafayette

The legendary department store on Boulevard Haussmann doesn’t scrimp on decorations. Galeries Lafayette also features in our Top 10 shopping experiences worldwide.




Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Rodrigo de Freitas

World’s largest floating Christmas tree on the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon.




London (England) – St Pancras Station

A one-off (2011) 40ft-high tree made entirely of Lego pieces – 600,000 of them.




Innsbruck (Austria) – Christmas Market on Marktplatz

This tree sparkles with 90,000 Swarovski crystals.





Beijing (China) – various

Beijing’s many shopping malls appear to locked in some sort of Christmas tree arms race (the third image is from the Bird’s Nest, the city’s Olympic Stadium).




Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Parque do Ibirapuera

An 85ft high Christmas tree adorned with LEDs.




Madrid (Spain) – Puerta del Sol Square

Every year a brand new design of tree graces this, one of the capital’s busiest squares.





Santa Monica (USA) – Edgemar Mall

This 33-foot tall tree is made of 86 metal shopping carts.



Macau – Senado Square

The square features a different brightly lit tree every year.





Dortmund (Germany) – Hansaplatz

Branches taken from 1,700 Norwegian spruces are fastened onto a 150-ft high giant metal frame, before being wrapped in 40,000 lights.



Kaunas (Lithuania) – Rotušės aikštė

Made of 40,000 recycled plastic bottles, this emerald beauty by artist Jolanta Smidtiene stands 40 ft tall.


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