Put those romantic weekends, lads’ holidays, getaways with the girls, and trips with the kids on the backburner. Next time you book a break, pass up your partner and besties in favour of your mum and you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at these 12 things that prove that your mum is the best travelling companion, then head on over to and start searching for your next mother-daughter getaway.

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She knows how to pack a suitcase properly

Mums pack like they’re in the Royal Marines. And if mum’s packing right, she’s going to make sure you are too. She’ll show you space saving tips like stuffing socks into shoes and decanting shampoo into smaller containers. As a result, you’ll be able to take that extra evening outfit away with you or save a bit of space for a couple of bottles of duty-free.

She’ll encourage you to do things you wouldn’t have done without her

Chances are, you share a lot of similar interests with your mum. If she’s into sightseeing, there’s a good chance you will be too. If she’s more of a beach bum, then it’s likely the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. However, no matter how similar your tastes, your mum will always have a few ideas for activities to do on holiday that you’d never have thought of. The trip to the underground World War Two tunnels might not seem like the best idea on a sunny day in Gibraltar, but you’ll probably be surprised by what you find down there.

She’s a walking chemist

Mums’ toiletry bags often look like they belong to the black market. There’s everything in there from insect repellent and diarrhoea medicine to TCP and antihistamines. Plus they rarely travel without tweezers, scissors and safety pins.

She’ll stop you from making bad footwear choices

Thinking of walking all seven kilometres of the seafront promenade in your flip flops that pinch a bit? Got a mind to walk through the cobbled streets of the old town in your stilettos? Think again kiddo. Your mum has been policing your footwear since you were old enough to wear shoes, and she’s not about to stop now. You’ll thank her when you come back from your destination blister free and with your Achilles tendons intact.

She loves to treat you

No matter how old you get your mum will never stop spoiling you. Whether it’s a sun hat from the local market or a bottle of something sweet smelling from duty-free, there will probably be something in your luggage on the way home that came compliments of mum.

She’s a hostel dodger

Like long play records and shell suits, hostels have been consigned to your mum’s past. So when you go away with her, you’ll have no choice but to stay in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Chances are, the words ’boutique’ or ‘elegant’ will feature in the online hotel descriptions of where you’ll both be staying. And there won’t be a dorm or communal bathroom in sight.

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She’s got great taste in food

For most mums, the highlight of a holiday is dining out. If you’re only away for a week or two, she’s not going to gamble when it comes to choosing a restaurant. This usually means that you’ll end up eating in slightly higher end places than you’d choose for yourself. The restaurants with photos on the menus are certainly out. That steak house that would usually be above your budget could possibly be in.

She understands when you’re ‘hangry’

Snap at any other travel companion just because your blood sugar is plummeting and you could have a day of cold war style steeliness on your hands. But your mum will be used to any momentary moods you have. She’ll have forgiven your temporary tantrum before you can say “cafe straight ahead”.

She’s not scared of making a complaint

Cold tea? Undercooked chicken? Faulty tap in the bathroom? Mums don’t brush these things under the rug. They’re straight on to the person in charge to inform them of the problem. And it’s usually fixed within minutes.

She’s a crackerjack with a map

Whereas you’ve grown up relying on sat nav to find your way around places, your mum learnt map reading in the girl guides. As such she can orienteer you around any foreign city, even if she does so with her map stretched out in front of her like a tall ship sail at full mast.

She’s not too cool to wear her backpack on her chest

You might be prepared to run the gauntlet of inner city pickpockets with the top of your handbag yawning open for the sake of fashion, but your mum is taking no such chances. In fact, she’s so comfortable wearing her backpack back to front, she actually makes it look good.

You’ll have conversations you might have missed out on at home

Taking a holiday with your mum means that you’ll finally be able to have some decent conversations with her. Chats will extend beyond the quick ‘how was your day’ as you’re rushing in from work, phone in one hand, shopping bags in the other. It’s those conversations that you’ll treasure forever.

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